16S rRNA sequence & phylogeny

David Skryja davadav at bitwise.net
Mon Jan 13 11:54:36 EST 1997

Does anyone know what the minimum amount of 16SrRNA (or rDNA) sequence
needed to make a species designation?  I have two scenarios in mind.

1) For example, the 16S rRNA sequence does not match anything in the
database, and it looks like a new species

... for scenario #1, how much of the total 16S rRNA must be sequenced
before one can conlude that it is a new species

2) For example, a partial 16S rRNA sequence obtained is a 99% match with an
existing sequence in the database, but only a portion of the 16S rRNA has
been sequenced.

... for scenario #2, how much must be sequenced (assume that the sequence
will contain variable-region 16S rRNA sequence) to say that allow you to
make a specific species identification of a bacterium 

Thanks for any feedback.

Any good sources of information on this subject would also be apprediated
(i.e books, review articles, etc.)



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