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Steven Projan PROJANS at war.wyeth.com
Mon Jan 13 07:50:24 EST 1997

The following question was posted:

"I would like to know if S.aureus belongs to any serumtype.
I think that the question is negative, but I'm not sure.
I will be very pleased if anyone have information."

The short answer is yes, S. aureus strains do have serotypes.  For
example most (about 75-80%) nosocomial MRSA strains are type 5 or
type 8 (based on their capsular polysaccharides).  Serotypes have
also been defined for different lysogenic bacteriophage, and
different exopropteins (like the exfoliative toxins).

As the Ol' perfesser said "You could look it up."

Steve Projan
Wyeth-Ayerst Research

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