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Thu Jan 16 12:14:10 EST 1997

D&J Wingert <dwangert at ix.netcom.com> wrote:
>Has anyone heard of an outbreak of diarrhea in Bonham, Texas, a
>co-worker said she heard on the am news that there was an out break
>there, all of the people involved ate at a restaurant (I choose not to
>name it at this time) . I searched Medscape for new outbreaks but have
>found nothing. Also checked OUTBREAK,,, nothing.  This strain supposedly
>lasts 16 months,, ??? Am wondering if she got her facts strainght.
>  Thanks
>    June

This could refer to the outbreak of E.coli 0157:H7 that happened in the 
fall of 1996, and affected people in many states and British Columbia.  
It was related to unpasteurized apple juice.  For an update of all of the 
cities involved, refer to the MMWR reports (Morbidity and Mortality 
Weekly Reports) for the last quarter of '96. 
(http://www.cdc/mmwr/mmwr.html).  Hope this helps.

Shirley Mcdonald

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