H.pylori primary metronidazole resistance

Robin Beech robin_beech at maclan.mcgill.ca
Wed Jan 15 09:17:47 EST 1997

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>        magdrian at worldonline.nl (A.Talens) wrote:
>>Primary metronidazole resistance in H. pylori seems to be rapidly
>>increasing in many parts of the world. Has anyone got a comprehensive
>>explanation for this phenomenon ?
>>Dr. A.A. van Zwet
> Probably due to high rate of random mutations available
>in H. pylori.  The increased use of this drug will also
>increase the selective pressure in favor of these
>resistance mutants.
>F. A. Eldredge, PhD

I would have thought that unless the mutation rate is rapidly increasing
this would not explain a rapid increase in the primary resistance
phenotype. With a constant mutation rate, the numbers of resistant mutants
would remain in equilibrium and neither increase or decrease. Is it
possible that an increase in observations of metronidazole resistance could
be due to an increased effort to observe resistance?

Robin N. Beech
Institute of Parasitology
McGill University

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