Salmonella braenderup

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Fri Jan 17 10:31:15 EST 1997

In article <32DF1814.4962 at top.east.de>, Dietrich Maede <dietrich at top.east.de> says:
>Ron Cook wrote:
>> A friend of mine has had Salmonella braenderup isolated from
>> his blood.  His doctor seemed to think this was pretty unususal.
>> We have been unable to find out much information on this organism
>> and are looking for some help.  Is it the specific type of
>> Salmonella that is unusual?  Any help would be appreciated.
>> Thanks.
>> Ron cook
>It seem to be pretty unusual. Normaly there are s. thyphimurium,
>enteritis or infantis in food. We found some exotic ones but never
>braenderup. It would be interesting if or what clinical signs your
>friend have.
>E-mail to Dietrich at top.east.de

Yes, the serovar seems unusual but that has no clinical significance.
A handful of serovars are know for tending to be especially virulent
but any serovar in subs. choleraesuis is by definition a pathogen.

What is interesting here is that the bug invaded as evidenced by the
fact that the bug was recovered by blood culture.

Nothing has been said so far about what GI symptoms may or may not have
been present.  Nor has anything been said about the overall health
of the individual--- there may well be 'host' issues contributing to
the successful invasion.

I'd like to hear more about this situation and the commnents of
any infectious disease specialists who might follow this thread.

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