New Book on Veterinary Parasitology

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   Veterinary Parasitology for Practitioners

   Dr. Omar O. Barriga, D.V.M., Ph.D., professor of Veterinary Parasitology 
at The Ohio State University since 1979. Previously with the University of 
Pennsylvania, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil), and University 
of Chile.

Contents (32 chapters): 
   Introduction to Veterinary Parasitology. The Arthropods: the Hemiptera or 
True Bugs, the Mallophaga or Chewing Lice, the Anoplura or Sucking Lice, the 
Siphonaptera or Fleas, the Diptera or Flies, the Acarina (Ticks and Mites), 
Miscellaneous Arthropods. The Nematodes or Cylindrical Worms: the Rhabditida 
or Threadworms, the Strongylida or Bursate Nematodes (Strongyloidea, 
Trichostrongyloidea, and Metastrongyloidea), the Ascaridida or Ascarides, the 
Oxyuridida or Pinworms, the Spirurida, the Trichinellida. The Platyhelminthes 
or Flatworms (Trematoda or Flukes and Cestoda or Tapeworms). The Protozoa: the 
Ciliophora or Ciliates, the Sarcodina or Amoebae, the Mastigophora or 
Flagellates, the Apicomplexa or Sporozoa (Eucoccidiida or Coccidia proper, 
Piroplasmida or Piroplasms, Haemosporida). Fundamentals of  Immunology in 
Parasitology. Resistance of Parasites to Anti-parasitic Drugs. Laboratory 
Diagnosis of Parasitism. Antiparasitic drugs (by Dr. Thomas Letonja). Index.

   8 1/2 x 11 in, over 430 pages, about 200 figures, 44 tables, 36 
photographs, 9 plates, detailed index. Each chapter describing parasites 
discusses: morphology, identification and classification, biology, medical 
importance, diagnosis, treatment, epidemiology, and control.

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