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A reply.
	The concept of eugenics is not new, not pretty, and is an 
absolute abomination of everything we as scientists, teachers, and human 
beings hold as truthful and decent. The freedom of speech is one of 
our greatest rights, so it stands to reason that the narrow-minded ramblings 
presented here should not be censored, rather, they should be allowed and 
printed out as an example of how far we still have to come as a people, 
and just how desperately we need to teach our children and young people 
how truly related all humanity is. We are a common stock, sharing a 
genetic heritage unique among all other living things on this planet. We 
have not yet begun to evolve biologically and mentally. But we can only 
do so as a people, not as some unrelated conglomeration of separated 
and different "races", sharing nothing but our unmitigated and irrational 
contempt for one another. I may read this letter to my students, who come 
from many different countries but all have a common goal-to learn and be 
better people. I wish the writer of this sad commentary would approach 
life with a similar set of priorities.
Karl J. Roberts
Assistant Professor of Biology
Prince George's Community College

On Sat, 18 Jan 1997 ourhero at ftcnet.com wrote:

> Did you know that the sperm count of northern europeans is on the
> decline?
> Yes, in Scotland recently there was a survey showing that even in the
> short time since the 1960's the Scottish sperm count is down . . . 
> Yes, it is very common to see a 'white' middle class couple in america
> going for 'fertility counselling ' where they end up taking drugs and
> as a
> result of these drugs end up having triplets or quadruplets . . but
> have
> you ever heard of a black man going to fertility counselling?!? - Yes
> it's
> true that the average black in america couldn't afford it anyway but
> get
> real the problem with the 'brown' races in general is that they are
> too
> fertile (just look at the legions of starving children in africa)
> whereas
> the 'white' races tend to lean towards sterility.
> -----------------------------------------------------------------------
> Ok . . but what does this all mean?
> Well, WhiteMan . . WhiteWoman . . it doesn't mean we should just start
> recklessly breeding all over the place, no.. we already know from the
> black example that that isn't a real solution, no what we need is to
> improve the quality of people we produce and then only after that is
> achieved should we worry about that - and even then i am not too sure
> since the world is overpopulated.
> Yes, according to various United Nations studies, 
> (No! (said to the all the nit-picking weasels) I don't have the exact
> publication or edition but you can go into a library and see for
> yourself), the most likely way the human race will die at this point
> is
> from lack of oxygen - that's right we are going to breath all of the
> air
> up and die. 
> - With that said - WHAT SHOULD WE (the white race) DO?
> well first of all we humans have stopped evolving genetically. . .
> (again just look this up in the Science Times, there was a story in
> that 
> jewish publication a few years ago about this - and if even the jews
> will 
> admit it and publish it then you know it is a truth too big to cover
> up)
> We have come to a point in our evolution where men (and women) no
> longer
> have to struggle to pass on their genes - natural selection has ceased
> to
> be for the most part -- In it's original incarnation natural selection
> was
> primarily designed to promote the physically strongest genes first and
> then secondarily the smartest.  All this would work via the woman who
> would essentially choose who would be the man to mate with -- which
> would
> usually be the one who could kick the most ass or out smart all of his
> competitors. 
> -- pretty ruthless stuff . . and I don't suggest we take a step
> backwards
> . .
> What we now need is to transfer the burden of natural selection from
> the
> irrational unconscious drives of women (and men) to our forced
> conscious
> reasoning. Now is the time where we should learn to separate the
> concepts
> of LOVE and SEX from BREEDING.  When a couple has a child the creation
> of
> that human being should be a carefully thought out and totally
> rational
> process.  This does not mean that we are declaring an end to emotions
>  .
> . No, we are merely saying that the physical fertilization of the
> embryo
> must be something designed. . . planned out . . . rational. Yet
> likewise,
> the raising of that child MUST have all the love and care that only
> the
> irrational side of us can provide (you can have a baby that is
> genetically
> superior but without loving parents and a stable home all of that will
> turn to evil or misery).
> --- What Exactly does this all mean ??
> Well to begin with we can start what I would like to call 'VOLUNTARY
> EUGENICS '. That is where a couple wanting to have children (and we
> need to
> stop having children just to fulfill our own greedy egos or feel
> important) will voluntarily seek a donor sperm and donor egg of DONORS
> whom they select as having the highest IQ's the best PHYSIQUE, and of
> course (for the purpose of keeping the white race alive) the most
> features.  This fertilized egg is then implanted into the woman and
> the
> couple then go on to raise that child with all the love and care in
> their
> power. 
> ---- COME ON! . . . get real who is actually going to do that?
> Yes it's true, most of us are too selfish, we want to pass on our own
> genes - there is a feeling of emptiness that we all experience if we
> leave
> this world without having passed on our own blood - but aren't we
> supposed to be trying to evolve and get rational here?!?  if you have
> a
> heart condition or if you are not as smart as you think you could be
> or if
> your genes are not as good as they might be? should you really be
> condemning another human being (the baby) to this misery?  
> --- 'But they tried EUGENICS in NAZI GERMANY... you're nothing but a
> nazi
> go to hell! think of the sixty million jews burned alive in ovens!
> etc..'
> OK we are not proposing forced EUGENICS as which was common practice
> in
> most of the 'west' in the late 19th century and early 20th century . .
> we
> are merely saying that people SHOULD have the right to do this if they
> want to -- we are not interested in toasting jews . . and again, the
> fact
> that I am proposing 'VOLUNTARY' eugenics means that no, i do not think
> i
> am god and i am not forcing people into doing one thing or another -
> however the very act of creating a human life, whether it be in a
> laboratory rationally selecting good genes or in a 3rd world slum
> impregnating a starving woman, is playing god in a certain sense.
> ---- 'But who are you to say that this is 'good' or 'the right thing
> to
> do ' ??
> I am not anyone in particular, but I believe in freedom of action and
> freedom of speech - and these are simply my ideas which I am putting
> forward.  I think that these ideas would be good for the white race if
> we
> started enacting them, and I also feel that any white man who takes
> time
> to think about this will end up agreeing -- i am not saying that jews
> reading this will agree -- and if a black man is reading this, maybe
> you
> should think about applying these ideas to your own people but that
> would
> be a black issue which has nothing to do with me.
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------
> ---- 'you don't know what you're talking about -- it's already been
> proven
> that diversity is needed for life to keep from being extinct ' . .
> That's true in fact, I agree - and the very fact that all the races
> are
> slowly intermingling will mean the end of diversity and the creation
> of
> one race.  
> Why is that bad? what's so bad about creating just one race - a human
> race
> instead of all this division of color etc. --
> It's bad because when humans are not isolated genetically from one
> another
> they don't develop different immunities and the end result would be
> that 
> if there were a disease that we were not immune to it would wipe us
> all
> out. Remember how the indians of the new world all died of diseases
> from
> europe that they were not immune to?  now just think if all human
> beings
> had been indians?
> And anyway, the very concept of 'diversity' in the way that the
> leftist
> uses that catch-phrase is an oxymoron - because they want to create
> just
> one big brown race where everyone is equally wallowing in a mire -
> what
> kind of diversity is that?
> -----------------------------------------------------------------------
> ----------------
> Well I've already said that we need to rationally pick the best genes
> for
> our kids, but aside from selecting people who are smart or tall or
> physically fit there are many other important criteria -- ones that we
> can't see.
> 1) Blood type and immunities:
> It is important to keep separate blood types and allow different
> strains of
> sections of the european race to evolve independently of each other --
> the
> reason for this again has to do with my earlier talk of immunities..
> 2) Cultural and Physical preservation
> Let's face it, although a Frenchman and a Russian are both europeans
> they
> are different.  They are both beautiful and we should keep them that
> way -
> just in the same way we don't want to create a single 'human race we
> also
> shouldn't want to create a single 'white race '. Diversity is good and
> just
> think of how boring europe would be if we all looked, talked and acted
> alike.  I won't go into this because this is a whole other discussion
> -
> but I do feel that the creation of the 'WHITE AMERICAN MUTT ' was a
> bad
> thing, and we 'WHITE AMERICAN MUTTS ' (me being one of them) as well
> as
> other whites should try to regain what we lost -- our heritage and our
> sense of history.
> 3) Socializing:
> One of the reasons why the jew has existed for thousands of years
> while
> the various white races have come and gone, is that they have a
> history
> and a sense of purpose that spans throughout time.  The various white
> races don't have this as strongly and certainly not 'THE AMERICAN
> This is why I think it a bad think that we americans have interbreeded
> among each other , that we have watered down our father cultures to
> 'ASSIMILATE' into american culture - but what is done is done - we are
> AMERICANS now but we should slowly seek to restore our heritages and
> our
> blood so our children will have some kind of back bone to lean upon -
> I
> think one of the reasons why young people are so reckless especially
> in
> this country is because they have no sense of purpose they are looking
> for
> something to believe in and what do we give them? we give them 'Beavis
> and
> Butthead ' or 'Snoop Doggie Dog ' or 'Alice in Chains '. Again this
> leads
> into another discussion but part of the blame does fall on us for
> allowing
> this to happen.
> ==========================================
> Whew! that was a mouth full  . . . this guy sure thinks a lot 
> 												OR
> this is a very disturbed person i hope he gets some help...
> 												OR
> Die you racist nazi pig! i am going to call the 'jewish defense league
> ' to
> bomb your ass!
> -well depending on which one of these responses you have at this point
> i
> say to you either:
> 'Well I don't think i am such a smart person - just a person who wants
> to
> try to learn how to be smarter or at least learn how to think - -
> which is
> something we should all do '
> or
> 'well to be creative you have to have a touch of madness in you and in
> any case when you are presenting unpopular ideas you have some force
> driving you to think differently - and that I do . .'
> or
> 'well i am afraid of course but your threats just make me feel more
> right
> about what I am doing . . . '

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