Workshop: B.cereus, B.thuringiensis and B.anthracis

Linda Akselberg Langholm linda.akselberg at biotek.uio.no
Wed Jan 22 00:36:30 EST 1997

Dear Colleague,

There has to our knowledge never been a meeting focusing specifically on the 
Bacillus cereus group of bacteria. We (The Scientific Organizing Comittee) have 
therefore agreed to arrange a meeting in May in Oslo to discuss
THE MOLECULAR BIOLOGY OF B. cereus, B. thuringiensis   and  B. anthracis

Venue: The Norwegian Medical Association Conference Centre SORIA MORIA, in the
hills just outside Oslo.

Time: After lunch May 23 - 25 1997.

Scientific Organizing Committee:
Lars Andrup, Copenhagen, Denmark (Fax 45 39270107)
Anne-Brit Kolstø, Oslo, Norway (Fax 47 22694130)
Didier Lereclus, Paris, France (Fax 33 1 45688938)
Jacques Mahillon, Louvain-La-Neuve, Belgium (Fax 32 10473109)
Michele Moch, Paris, France (Fax 33 1 45688954)

Topics to be discussed include
Gene transfer and genetic element stability
Virulence factors
Toxins (including Cry toxins) and bacteriocins
Genomics (chromosomal and large plasmids)
Environmental considerations

Since B.cereus, B.thuringiensis and B.anthracis are closely related, a common 
discussion of these themes will be of interest to many of us. Speakers will be 
mainly selected from the registered participants. We will invite you to join us 
in Oslo for this workshop.

Registration, payment and abstracts: DEADLINE APRIL 1.
Register to:
Nina Modahl at The Biotechnology Centre of Oslo
University of Oslo, Post box 1125, Blindern, 
0316 Oslo, Norway
Soria Moria Bacillus Workshop

Two types of registration are possible:
A. Registration with full board (dinner 23.5, all meals 24.5. 
                                 breakfast and lunch 25.5.)
     Price per person in double room 	NOK 2100,-
     Price per person in single room 	NOK 2700,-
B. Registration with lunch only,  no room  NOK 1200,-

Payment after April 1 must include an extra registration fee of NOK 500,-

Registration by letter which must contain your fax and  e-mail addresses and 
your correct postal address. Please indicate whether you want accomodation at 
Soria Moria in a single or double room.

Pay to Den Norske  Bank (The Union Bank of Norway)
Account no.  7058 05 09809
Please specify the internal account no. 5-3100 00.02 0.0381
Unless you do so, your payment may not be properly registered.
April 1 is the absolute deadline for registration.

Information: 	Professor Anne-Brit Kolstø
		Fax 47 22694130
		e-mail: a.b.kolsto at farmasi.uio.no

The proceedings of the meeting will be edited and published by Lars Andrup on 
behalf of the Scientific Organizing Committee.


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