food borne pathogens

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richard wrote:
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> >Can anybody out there let me know what BAM and AOAC tests are?  What do
> >the acronyms stand for?  Can you give me any procedural information
> >about these tests, and the main organisms they test for?  Thanks!
> AOAC is Association of Agricultural Chemists, which publishes
> authoritatve analytical methods. I don't recall what BAM is, but I seem
> to remember that it is the FDA manual for microbial analysis of foods.
> I could well be wrong on the latter.
> Both BAM and AOAC are sources of standardized reliable methodology for
> food safety analyses.  The published methods are by no means the only
> methods, and many can be modified or simplified.  But if you are doing
> something that might involve regulatory or legal issues (e.g. potential
> torts for having put a contaminated product on the market) using 'approved'
> methods properly can provide you with some measure of protection.
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