food borne pathogens

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In article <MURIANAP.675.002A9A42 at foodsci.purdue.edu>, MURIANAP at foodsci.purdue.edu (Pete Muriana) says:
>In article <5c3si3$74o at sjx-ixn3.ix.netcom.com> lfwwfl at ix.netcom.com(linda white) writes:
>>Can anybody out there let me know what BAM and AOAC tests are?  What do
>>the acronyms stand for?  
>BAM = Bacteriological Analytical Manual - compilation of microbiological 
>           procedures (used by FDA)
>AOAC = Association of Analytical Chemists - also, compilation of procedures, 
>             including microbiological (often those used by USDA).
>>Can you give me any procedural information
>>about these tests, and the main organisms they test for?  Thanks!  
>They are "compilations" of many procedures - many different tests for many 
>different microorganisms and for many different foods - not just a "test."
>=your welcome,
OOPS- You are correct about AOAC.  I wrote Agricultural chemists when
I meant to write Analytical Chemists.

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