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On Mon, 20 Jan 1997, Karl Roberts wrote:
> The freedom of speech is one of 
>> our greatest rights, so it stands to reason that the narrow-minded ramblings 
>> presented here should not be censored, rather, they should be allowed and 
>> printed out as an example of how far we still have to come as a people, 
>> and just how desperately we need to teach our children and young people 
>> how truly related all humanity is.

Our Hero <ourhero at ALPHA.FTCNET.COM> wrote: 
>Yes but you have still given **no** scientific, or what is more, rational
>proof that eugenics would *not* be a constructive thing.  When you are 
>finished ranting, and wipe the foam from your jowels, write me back - i'd
>be interested in finding out just why eugenics is 'counter-productive'.

Actually, it's kind of a moot point all in all.  You see, humans are kind 
of odd in that there is relatively little genetic variation between people.  
You can check out SCIENCE, Jan 6, 1996 pg. 34 for an interesting article
about this.  Other references are cited there including a book - check it
out.  So you see, trying to use eugenics on our species would be pretty 
silly, there isn't enough genetic variation to really do anything.  Besides,
not enough is known about the human genome - you eliminate one thing only
to find it was important.  Then what do you do?  

All in all eugenics is a pretty silly notion when it comes to humans.  Any
geneticist or anthropologist worth their salt will tell you this.

[sillieness snipped]

>> But we can only 
>> do so as a people, not as some unrelated conglomeration of separated 
>> and different "races", sharing nothing but our unmitigated and irrational 
>> contempt for one another. 

>please read this responce too.  My ideas are written out of a desire to 
>make the world a better place - and yes, out of a contempt for what is 
>wrong with it - this is what is called 'fighting for truth and goodness 
>and combatting and hating evils and injustices'.

This I doubt - looks like you just want to push a political agenda because
you're too scared to actually deal with people.  I've noticed that when 
someone makes the assertions you make it's because they're frightened and
insecure - a desire to pull themselves up by pushing everyone else down.
Racism and sexism are easy targets - a way of avoiding dealing with their
own feelings of inadequacy and shame.  It's a pity really, the real issue
never gets addressed because all their energy goes into obssessing on a 
tangent.  Eugenics isn't really the issue here, is it?  You don't really
care about the world or other people.  You're just using this as a means 
to cope with your insecurities and feelings of inadequacy.  It's pretty 
obvious since you clearly have little knowledge about human genetics and 

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