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<ourhero at ftcnet.com> wrote:
>Did you know that the sperm count of northern europeans is on the

>Yes, in Scotland recently there was a survey showing that even in the
>short time since the 1960's the Scottish sperm count is down . . . 

Actually this is partly true - however, the average sperm count in 
New York City (among all races) is apparently one of the highest in 
the US - much higher than LA (which is apparently one of the lowest).
I think the highest in somewhere in Winsconsin.  

Last I heard, low sperm count was associated with tightness of pants.  The
little fellows get over heated and croak.  Perhaps a return to kilts in 
Scotland would be a good idea? :)  I'm all for that! :)

On a side note - perhaps "our hero" is a little late on his medication -
of course that might be a bit cruel to say since I have a few friends 
who are on medication and they aren't delusional...

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