Galina Fabrikant fabrikan at hsc.usc.edu
Thu Jan 23 00:34:32 EST 1997

I know this is out of place here, but this is very urgent. I need to find
a way to completely sterilize a bamboo flute without disturbing the finish,
using chemicals that can be found in a high school chemistry lab.

Thanks a lot.

Alex Fabrikant                   )\._.,--....,'``.
alex.fabrikant at mrwonderful.org  /,   _.. \   _\  ;`._ ,.
http://no.homepage.yet         `._.-(,_..'--(,_..'`-.;.'

P.S. No, boiling the flute WILL disturb the finish, potassium canNOT be found
in a high school lab, and alcohol may leave an odor.

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