Robbie Knefel knefle at VITEK.COM
Thu Jan 23 08:54:32 EST 1997

You should hit the library and find the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly 
Reports published by the govenment.  It has statistics on everything from 
meningitis to AIDS to just about every other infectious disease you are 
interested in studying.

On 23 Jan 1997, Michael A Chambers wrote:

> Hello everyone,
> Could someone please tell me how many people AIDs kills a year in the US 
> and how many people bacterial or other infectious diseases kill a year.  
> I am also 
> wondering how much funding the research for the respective diseases get.
> The reason I ask is because someone told me that other infectious 
> diseases kill many more people/year than AIDS but that AIDS gets about 
> 10X more research funding.  If this is true, can anyone postulate a reason?
> Thanks,
> Mike

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