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On Thu, 23 Jan 1997, John Kobayashi wrote:
> There is a good post on on 1/23 this problem by a 
> CDC epidemiologist on the Internet mailing list, Promed,
> titled:
>  PRO/AH> Undiagnosed illness - USA (Texas) (02)

> The CDC thinks the outbreak is similar to that found in
> Brainerd, Minnesota several years ago, which was
> an outbreak of chronic diarrhea of unknown cause.

Yes, I'm subscribed to the Promed digest and I read the article.  I've
also read the paper that describes the chronic diarrhea outbreak in
Brainnerd (somewhere else as well if I remember right).  It seemed to me,
after all the reading I've done about Cyclospora, that there were
similarities.  The protozoa is difficult to detect and identify but, at
least with the Brainnerd outbreak, the symptoms seemed very similar.

It's just a thought.  There was a Cyclospora outbreak in Texas last
summer.  I don't know if they've been looking for it - probably shouldn't
be ruled out until the etiological agent is found.

> > Actually, there was an outbreak of _Cyclospora_ _cayetanensis_ last summer
> > in Texas - hit a few areas there.  If left untreated infection can last for
> > months with several bouts of diarrhea.  There is treatment for it but a
> > person might be allergic to it.

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