Science and bio site

Edy Braun aq087 at torfree.net
Fri Jan 24 11:27:01 EST 1997


I've created a GENETICS and SCIENCE-catered service on my computer, which 
can be accessed via e-mail. There are biology discussion groups, and file 
areas with genetics, math, physics and chemistry software.

To make it user-friendly, the front-end looks like a "VIRTUAL science city" 
with various science buildings, offices, etcetera. 

Simply email the following with a blank subject and message, to get an 
autoreply giving you a list of the services available:

   info at cognac.tlug.org

Some of the services available include PCR primer design, various science 
programs which you can request via email, and discussion groups. Check it 
out. Let me know what you think.


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