alt.support.jaw-disorders news group. Can you help?

M Stewart mstewart at escape.ca
Tue Jan 28 20:12:03 EST 1997

I am posting this in your news group in order to let Patients & Doctors
know that there is a news group called:          


It's purpose is so that patients with these disorders can support each
other, but  I was hoping to attract some Doctors, Pharmacists, and Physio
Therapists to post, offering suggestions, with the understanding that we
are not "asking for a
diagnosis" over the net, but suggestions and opinions so we can make
educated decissions about whether or not to have surgery, information on
Jaw Implants, and Infections, jaw exercises, and the side effects of our
medications ect........... 

There are many symptoms related to jaw-disorders, such as Myofascial Pain,
severe headaches, Tinnitus, sleep disorders, depression and stress,
anxiety attacks, chronic infections ect........

I have come across a few patients that have developed Fibromyalgia as
well.  I myself developed FM and Muscular Rheumitism due to the trauma and
stress caused by a serious car accident, and having to undergo several
operations, and developed severe osteoarthritis in my left jaw joint.

Personally, over the past year, I have met the most wonderful caring
people in this jaw disorder support group, and I can¹t begin to tell you
how much this has helped me cope with my jaw problems, chronic pain, and
the stress that is caused by it, just by talking to others who truly
understand the pain I was in.

If  you cannot find the news group, then call your Service Provider, and
ask them to put this news group on their list. 

 I hope you will find this support group as helpful as I have.

with kindest regards,

Mary Ann Stewart

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