HHMI's "Blazing a Genetic Trail": For all to read on the Web!

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Mon Jun 2 22:02:19 EST 1997

HHMI's "Blazing a Genetic Trail": For all to read on the Web!

Yes, "Blazing a Genetic Trail" is now online! This wonderfully 
illustrated book takes you on the search for mutant genes that
cause the 4,000 hereditary disorders affecting humans. The Web
version is free for all to read online at

"Blazing a Genetic Trail," edited by HHMI's Maya Pines, shows 
how scientists and families join in seeking the causes of baffling 
diseases:  abnormal genes. This book is written for a general 
audience in magazine style, and is a great aid for anyone ranging 
from junior high to university levels. Its detailed and colorful 
graphics make it especially attractive. 

You will read about the personal struggles of a University of 
Michigan student who tried to find the genetic error that produced 
his own lethal illness, cystic fibrosis; the Human Genome Project; 
"How To Conquer a Genetic Disease" (a special section); the need 
for animal models; and the search for new treatments. You will 
also learn that "Virtually all human afflictions from cancer to 
psychiatric disorders and susceptibility to infections are rooted 
in our genes," and you will see how your family history could help 
scientists uncover the secrets hidden in all our genes. The book 
also includes a brief guide to basic genetics and a glossary of 
genetic terms.

The Howard Hughes Medical Institute makes this book available
online as a public service. The Institute, whose primary purpose 
is the conduct of basic biomedical research, is the largest 
philanthropic organization in the United States.  It also has 
a complementary grants program that supports science education 
at all levels. You can visit HHMI's Web site at http://www.hhmi.org.

For more information on "Blazing a Genetic Trail," contact
the HHMI Office of Communications at commpub at hhmi.org or 
call (301) 215-8855.

For help with creating a link to the Web site, visit 
http://drwebby.com/hhmi/how2link.html or contact 
Steffanie Lynch at link2hhmi at drwebby.com 
or call (804) 739-0165.

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