Curing plasmids from a strain

Donald Lueking dlueking at up.net
Tue Jun 3 15:26:19 EST 1997

Dr Martin Goldberg wrote:

> I have a strain with a pBR322-based plasmid and I want to cure the
> strain of this plasmid. Is there any way of achieving this without
> using agents such as ethidium bromide? I am considering
> competing-out
> the plasmid by transforming the strain with pBR322 or one of its
> other derivatives and selecting for this latter plasmid. Has anybody
> got an
> opinion on this approach or are there any more elegant methods?
> *****************************************

    Curing by plasmid incompatibility should work fine as long as you
have a good, unique marker for the second plasmid.  Most, if not all, of
the curing procedures I know of are purely empirical (SDS,EtBr, etc.).
Incompatibility would probably be one of the mildest procedures you
could use.


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