Pseudomonas preservation

REDRIVR redrivr at aol.com
Sun Jun 8 09:08:54 EST 1997

Dear Rob,

     We are Red River Scientific, a small company specializing in
innovative products for Microbiology,  based in Plano, Texas USA.

  We have a product called "PROTECT" available that can store virtually
any organism.  Most bugs can be stored from 1 - 3 years at -15 (a standard
refrigerator freezer) or for up to 10 years at -70.

    The system uses a highly porous acid washed ceramic bead suspended in
a cryopreservative.  Simply inoculate 4 -5 colonies, shake the cryotube
gently to coat the organism onto the beads, draw off the liquid and freeze
the tubes.  To do a subculture, simply remove one bead and rub it directly
onto a agar surface, or drop it into an appropriate broth.  The cost is
$55.00 for a box of 50 vials with 20 - 25 beads in each vial.  This
provides approx. 1,150 stock cultures at a price of 5 cents each and takes
up a space of 30 cubic inches.

    Should you want complete information, please e-mail us at
REDRIVR at aol.com or call (800) 862-8345.

    We hope this is helpful.

Best regards,  Jim Roberts

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