RNA gel electrophoresis problem

Lori Bentsen lbentson at ou.edu
Mon Jun 9 11:30:25 EST 1997

I have recently been having problems with my RNA gel electrophoresis. 
In our lab we run radioactive RNA samples  ( labelled with P-32) on
denaturing gels with the folloing ingredients:  31.5g urea, 7.5 mL TBE
(tris, boric acid, EDTA) and 9.9 mL 38:2 % Acrylimide:Bis in the final
volume of 75mL water.  To polymerize we add 375 uL Ammoinium persulfate
and 37.5uL TEMED.  This gel has not given me any problems for almost 3
years until now.  After the gel is finished running we transfer the gel
to nitrocellulose and the gel has radioactive spots all over it.  This
is making it very difficult to see the bands.  Please help!!!!!

Lori Bentsen

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