"LUTRI" Plates

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Mon Jun 9 14:32:18 EST 1997

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> Good afternoon.
>    I need someone's help.  We are Red River Scientific, a small company
> based in Plano, Texas near Dallas the specializes in representing
> companies with innovative products for microbiology.  We have been
> contacted by a customer in the Pharmaceutical industry who is looking for
> a double sided hinged lid petri dish called a " LUTRI  Plate. "
>      I'd like to pass the information on the our customer.  If anyone has
> any idea what this is and who manufacturers it, I'll pass it on.
>      Thank you.     Jim Roberts

The Lutri-Plates were manufactured by Lutri Plate Inc., 5 Hialeah Dr.,
Starkville, MS 39759, USA. However, i am not at all shore that the company
exist anymore.

Marc C. Lavoie

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