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In article <33924C1A.23FA at CASRDH.HEALTH.nt.gov.au>, Gary Lum <Gary.Lum at CASRDH.HEALTH.nt.gov.au> says:
>Tim Williams wrote:
>> In article <338D2C54.64DF at CASRDH.HEALTH.nt.gov.au>, Gary Lum <Gary.Lum at C
>> ASRDH.HEALTH.nt.gov.au> writes
>> >In Darwin we tend to treat alot of our _Shigella_ cases because many are
>> >also malnourished at the same time.
>> >  I report ampicillin (remember amp is better than amox in
>> >_Shigella_), co-trimoxazole and if systemic infection a third generation
>> >cephalosporin.
>> I have read a paper linking use of beta lactams in cases of _Shigella
>> dysenteriae_ and EHEC to increased incidence of HUS (Mechanism appears
>> to be increased inflammatory reaction following breakup of bacteria and
>> exposure to more LPS. Increased cytokine then causes up regulation of
>> receptors to shiga toxin). Anybody want to comment on this? - do the
>> benefits of e.g amp outweigh possible risks of HUS ?
>Yeah Tim, I've read that before and thought "Damned cytokines...their
>everywhere".  But seriously, we get a crook child, we prefer to treat
>considering the other co-morbidities we see here.

Interesting discussion--- I'd appreciate it if you defined HUS: I don't
recognize the term.  It sounds like you are talking about the negative
effects of LPS mediated through cytokines when cells break up and release
endotoxin---but I need some help understanding exactly what HUS is.

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