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Kevin Shreder kshreder at znet.com
Tue Jun 10 16:59:21 EST 1997

The Antibody Resource Page (ARP) has recently moved to a new URL.  The ARP is divided up 
into 7 sections:

1. Educational Resources - links to pages on antibodies that will interest the novice and 
expert alike

2. Online Databanks and Databases - links to scientific databases in the area of sequence 
analysis and hybridoma work

3. Online Journals 

4. How to Find an Antibody - a section for ways to find commercial sources (online or 
otherwise) of antibodies.  If you are a researcher who works with antibodies, you cannot 
afford to miss this section.

5. Online Companies - a large list  of online companies (over 90) that sell antibodies or 
antibody related products.  There is also a section for companies that are not online. 

6. Miscellaneous - links to various immunological and biotechnology webpages

7. Antibody Gallery - a new addition to the ARP.  This is a section where researchers can 
donate pictures of antibodies for educational purposes.  If you have something to donate, 
please contact me.

The ARP is designed for both beginners and experts who are looking for information about 
antibodies.  I am always looking for new links, so if you know of something, please contact 
me.  Or just contact me to let me know what you think of the page!  The URL for the 
Antibody Resource Page is:


Kevin Shreder, Ph.D.
kshreder at znet.com

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