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Gary Lum Gary.Lum at CASRDH.HEALTH.nt.gov.au
Tue Jun 10 22:06:43 EST 1997

wildwest at cliffhanager.com wrote:

> Get a life.

Thanks Marv, I have a great life.  Tell me about yours.

> The spelling was taken directly from a microbiology textbook.

Can you tell me the name of the text book?

> Please contact the Benjamin/Cummings publishing Company, Inc., and tell
> them that they are poor spellers.

I will just give me the name of the textbook and the relevant page

> I'm sure that you spell with the veracity of a wild dog, and yet, I find
> your attempt to correct my spelling tiresome.

Well if you were a microbiologist or even just trying to be one, I would
have thought you'd have been taught to spell the names correctly,
they're not exactly difficult.  If they were typographical errors,
fine.  They're easy to make, but if they come from a textbook-well it's
not a very good textbook.

> I saw your web page.....it is cool.......NOT!!!!!

To each his own.  It's not meant to be cool.  I get the space at no
extra cost so I use it.  I prefer to spend my time doing more enjoyable
activities than writing web pages.  However, the fact is most people
seem to like it and the others I've done.

> Your Micro-friend,

Thanks Marv, always nice to make new friends no matter how small they
are ;-)

Kind regards


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