Optimal growth temperatures?

Yersinia yersinia at CYBERNEX.NET
Wed Jun 11 12:45:40 EST 1997

Andras Szilagyi writes,

<I need to know the optimal growth temperatures of a number of various 
microorganisms (bacteria, archaea and microscopic fungi). Is there a 
catalogue or a reference book that contains this? I tried various 
microorganism catalogues that are accessible online on the Internet, but 
they only contain suggestions for growing the cultures in laboratories. 
If anybody knows a better source please tell me about it. Actually I 
would like to select thermophilic and psychrophilic organisms from a 
large list of organisms. >

And these "how to grow in the lab" suggestions don't specify 
temperatures? Sounds a bit strange to me, but okay. For the bacteria and 
archaea, look up each organism you want in Bergey's Manual of Systematic 
Bacteriology. Hopefully someone else in here can help you with the fungi. 
"Is there a mycologist in the house?" ;-)  But happy hunting, anyway!


Mycelium is Yourcelium.  :-)

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