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David B. Hedrick davidbhedrick at icx.net
Thu Jun 12 16:42:38 EST 1997

The spellings he gave you were correct.  So much for him trying to be
helpful.  All he gets is flamed by someone looking for free help, such
as pictures of "diptheria". 

wildwest at cliffhanager.com wrote:
> Gary,
> Get a life.
> The spelling was taken directly from a microbiology textbook.
> Please contact the Benjamin/Cummings publishing Company, Inc., and tell
> them that they are poor spellers.
> I'm sure that you spell with the veracity of a wild dog, and yet, I find
> your attempt to correct my spelling tiresome.
> I saw your web page.....it is cool.......NOT!!!!!
> Later, Gary.
> Your Micro-friend,
> Marv Albert


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