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Wed Jun 11 23:24:28 EST 1997

Ivano de Filippis writes,

<Our reference collection includes several strains of P. fluorescens, P. 
aeruginosa, P. putida, P. cepacia (B. cepacia) and P. mallei (B. mallei), 
which are all freeze-dried with 10% Skim Milk. Some of them were 
reeze-dried in 1983 and are still alive (kept at -20 C). Personally I 
think that for most bacteria, lyophilization is the best method for 

OK, yes, lyophilized cultures are a good idea too. In fact, I almost 
suggested that Mr. Harling see about getting lyophilized reference 
strains from an organization like ATCC, but I think what he was after was 
preserving the organisms he had isolated himself from his plant leaves -  
so I suggested he make cryovial freeze cultures from his isolates. Are 
the reference strains you mention here yours (that you and/or others in 
your lab made yourselves from organisms you isolated) or did you buy them 
from a culture collection organization?

A last question before I leave - since my own experience with 
lyophilization only consists of reconstituting ATCC's vials of 
lyophilized organism (to prepare freeze cultures from, in fact), could 
you tell me where I can read up on how to lyophilize?


Mycelium is Yourcelium.  :-)

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