Blastocystis hominis

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Hi, all--

Can anyone comment on these questions? 

1. What is the most effective drug to use to get rid of Blastocystis hominis?

2. Entero-vioform: 
   a. Why is it not used in the USA?
   b. We would like to get more details of the effects of it.
   c. An American citizen was in India 20 years ago and thinks he remembers
he used it for stomach /abdominal problems for perhaps 2 weeks, 2 or 3
times a day or whatever the normal prescription is; or else he used it for
a month. 
      1) What are the effects of that kind of usage?
      2) Has it been shown to be carcinogenic in that kind of usage of that
duration of time?
      3) How long does it take for the carcinogenic effect to appear?

3. Can a person get infected with B. hominis from someone¹s saliva?

4. If a person had a lot of these parasites (³many²), what is the
likelihood that they would show up on a normal stool test, not a purge? In
other words, if there are many, would they be more likely to show up on the
normal test? If a normal stool test is negative, does that give assurance
that the person doesn¹t have the parasite? 

Thanks much. Please email your reply. 


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