Bacterial Identification Assays

Barry Lifland blifland at leland.stanford.edu
Fri Jun 13 16:54:46 EST 1997

Greetings Jim Campanella,

I have been using Biolog for 5 or so years and am quite pleased with it. I
also use API, Minitek, conventional ID schemes, and other ID methods.
Before one blames the equipment - I would first look at "pilot" error or
insufficient training, or in Biolog's case - using a GN plate for a gram
positive, etc. If one is looking for a universal ID system that
contains all know or relevant organisms (whatever those may be?) they would
be very disappointed. No one system will ID everything yet. There is a small
learning curve in using Biolog. If one does not have sufficient experience
or understanding of bacterial ID methodologies - they will not know
when a computer based system is not performing well. 
So, what were the bugs supposed to be?
What was the Biolog pattern or number?
Give me as many parameters as you can (organism ID, media, saline (
commercial - homemade?) incubation
parameters, inoculation turbidity, etc.)  and I will try to make helpful

Good luck,
Barry Lifland - Stanford Univ.,  Dept. Comparative Medicine
Diagnostic lab - Microbiology section
RAF 1, Bld. 330, QUAD 7 Stanford, CA 94305-5410
blifland at leland.stanford.edu  ph-415-725-0942, FAX-0940

*I teach a laboratory class in bacteriology for undergraduates. Near the 
*end of the class, I have them doing identifications of bacterial unknowns 
*using the standard "traditional" methods that we all learned. After they 
*were done with their initial identifications last year, I had them use the 
*Biolog plate system to do quick re-identifications using modern laboratory 
*methods along with computer analysis. My problem is that I was very unhappy
*with the Biolog system; it was unable to clearly identify some bacterial
*strains that the students named easily using the older morpho/physiological
*methods. My question is: does anyone have any recommendations for more
*accurate test systems that I can have my students perform for bacterial
*Does any company make anything more accurate then Biolog plates or is that
*the height of technology?
*Thanks for the help,
*Jim Campanella
*Lehigh University
*Dept. of Biological Sciences
*Bethlehem, PA 18015

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