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Donald Lueking dlueking at up.net
Mon Jun 16 18:35:45 EST 1997

Matthew/Jocelyn Anderson wrote:

> Hi all...
> I have been a lurker in this newgroup for a while, and now I need some
> guidance from what seems to be a group of well educated, distinguished
> people...
> :)
> I live in the state of Texas and my local JC offers a medical
> laboratory
> technican associate in applied science degree.  According to the
> course
> catalog, upon successful completion of this program, graduates are
> eligible to take the National Board of Registry, administered by the
> American society of Clinical Pathologists.
> Ok, so my question is, if I took this course of study,  and passed the
> board, what type of work would I be eligible for?  I am married to an
> Army sgt and live a pretty nomadic lifestyle, but I would like to
> pursue
> a career in the medical field... I have considered nursing also, but
> when I took micro, I was so interested in the subject that I have
> considered following it to some sort of career.
> Would this AS serve as any type of step stone for me, since I have to
> get my education in bits and pieces as a result of my husband's
> career...
> -- thanks...
> ****JOCE****
> email is andersons at sprintmail.com

    It was my impression that most of the med techs are employed by
hospitals and clinics. It doesn't seem that this profession would lend
itself easily to a nomadic lifestyle. However, I might be wrong, eh?
Good luck


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