Does E.coli affect the growth of Enterobacter aerogenes

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Tue Jun 17 11:53:03 EST 1997

MARK GRAHAM <Mojo1 at xtra.co.nz> writes: > Hi there,
>             can anyone help?  I am after any information in regards to
> the effects that E.coli has on the growth of Enterobacter aerogenes. 
> Why?  Because in a recent experiment I found that plateing a mixed
> culture of E.coli and aerogenes, using Milk Plate Count Agar and Violet
> Red Bile Agar, showed that aerogenes grew in more numbers than the
> E.coli, and in more numbers than if plated seperatly, without E.coli
> Why?  Does aerogens inhibit the growth of E.coli?  Does E.coli secrete
> something that encourages aerogenes to grow?  I hope someone out there
> knows and will reply.
> Thank you 
>             Mark

Mark; you may be seeing repsonses mediated by growth media and because
the aerogenes might produce a toxin to eradicate near growing coli.
You might want to use a different media (Brain Heart Infusion, etc.)
to grow a pure culture of each strain.  From these strains transfer an isolated
colony (ies), incubate, then use a calibrated loop to streak the agar; use a 
large size petri dish.  Streak one plate with areogenes, one with coli, then plate
with mixed cultures, all in replicate. Try this again with your original
media to see what's going on.

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