antioxidant assay

R Molony molab at ww.co.nz
Thu Jun 19 18:45:23 EST 1997

rlauener at unixg.ubc.ca (Ron Lauener) wrote:

>Does anybody know of a simple and rapid in-vitro assay for 
>anti-oxidant/free-radical scavenging activity?  We need to measure free 
>radical scavenging activity in extracts from plants and microbes.  
>Thank-you in advance

>Ron Lauener
>Vancouver, B.C.

>e-mail: rlauener at unixg.ubc.ca
The best procedure is oxidative voltammetry using a carbon or Pt
active electrode.(polarography using Pt or C electrode instead of
the dropping mercury electrode)
I routinely use the procedure for ascorbic acid determination.

molab at ww.co.nz

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