Bacterium gracile and Streptococcus mucillasinosus vini

R Molony molab at ww.co.nz
Sat Jun 21 14:40:41 EST 1997

"Zbros" <zbros at job.pd.it> wrote:

>Please send me some information about Bacterium gracile and Streptococcus
>mucillaginosus vini.
>I'd like to know their chemism in the wine.

>Thank you very much.

>		Doc_Dario at bigfoot.com

These are old non valid names for a couple of lactic bacteria 
B gracile is Lactobacillus gracilis and S muc.is either
Leuconostoc messentoides or Pediococcus.

Both can ferment residual sugars to lactic acid
and also some varieties can ferment malic acid to
lactic acid reducing wine acidity.
In the presence of cane sugar Leuc. and Ped. are 
both able to break down sucrose producing a dextran or 
fructan slime in the product.

molab at ww.co.nz

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