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I'm Hans Mulder and I'm a biology teacher in Roosendaal, the Netherlands. I
have a fulltime job on a HAVO & VWO. You could say: a school for Senior
Higher General Secondary Education & Pre University Education. I'm
qualified to teach class 1 to 4 and also to teach several other

At the moment I'm studying to get qualified to teach classes 4 & 5, and for
Higher Proffesional Education.
I'm at the end of my studie and I have to to a  final research to complete

A microbiologist at the local hospital told me about the pathogenic
Naegleria and Acanthamoeba. He asked me to do a research on the presence of
amoebae  (Naegleria, Acanthamoeba or any other amboebe) in surface water,
tap water, swimming water etc.
So that's why I'm looking for information. I know I can visit a library as
well. I surely will do that too but I don't have much time to spend. I've
got a fulltime job, remember?

Now I have a few questions:
1]	Where (what kind of places) should I take samples to be (absolutly) sure
to find amoebae? (First I have to be sure I can detect those little
2]	What kind of agar plates do you use? Just a standard medium or something
3]	What kind of bacteria do you use? E-coli?
4]	How can I concentrate amoebae in a water sample? Centifugation? and if
so:  at what speed? Or should I try filtering?
5]	Is there some literature you can recommend?
6]	Do you have answers or sugestions on questions I forgot to ask?

Please send your e-mail to tjiepie at worldonline.nl

Thank you for your help. ofcourse you wil be mentioned in my report. If you
are interested I'll send you one. 


J.P.M. Mulder           (Biology teacher)
Klaverberg 96
4708 KH Roosendaal
the Netherlands

e-mail: tjiepie at worldonline.nl

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