call paper for the 3rdinternational symposium on plant pathology and biotechnology

Li Debao lidb at ZJAU.EDU.CN
Thu Jun 26 23:16:10 EST 1997

Dear Sir/Madam,

Encloseed this E-mail id the 2nd announcement of the 3rd international
on plant pathology and biotechnology which will be held in Hangzhou,
from Nov.2 - Nov.7 
China. We hope you could attend the symposium, your contribution are
appreciated to us and all of our precipitant very much.

Many Thanks to your kindly reply

Xu Jianping


(Second Announcement)

November 2 - November 7, 1997

The 3rd Hangzhou International Symposium on Plant Pathology and
Biotechnology will be held at the Biotechnology Institute, Zhejiang
Agricultural University (BIZAU) from November 2 - November 7, 1997,
sponsored by the Chinese Plant Pathology Society (CPPS) and National
Natural Science Foundation of China (NNSFC).

The Scientific Committee of Symposium

Honor Chairman: Professor Liu, Yi., chairman of the Chinese Plant
Pathology Society (CPPS)
Chairman: Professor Li, Debao., vice chairman of the Chinese Plant
Pathology Society and the director of BIZAU.
Vice Chairman:  Professor Zheng, Zhong., Dean of Plant Protection,
Zhejiang Agricultural University
Professor Xie, Lianghui., The member of Chinese Science Academic Sinica,
Fujian Agricultural University
He, Liyuan., Zhang, Binxing., Wen, Fujiang., Jia, Shirong., Xu, Ping.,
Chen, Jianping., Zhou, Xueping., N. Talbot., Wang, Jisheng., Kang,
Zhengsheng., Wang, Dafang., Chen, Yongxuan., Shun, Shuyuan., Tian,
Fenxiu., Zhang, Zhongyi., Liu, Shongling., Chen Lihua. 

Secretariat ( Liaison Office)  
Zhou, Xueping, Biotechnology Institute, ZAU
Xu, Jianping, Biotechnology Institute, ZAU
Wu, Yuliang, Biotechnolgy Institute, ZAU

Fax: +86-571-696 1525
Telephone: +86-571- 697 1182, 697 1184
E-mail: lidb at public.hz.zj.cn


Plenary Lectures:

N. Talbot (Exeter University, UK): Molecular Genetics of Infection
Related Development in Magnaporthe grisea

Dong, J., (Novatis Seeds Company, USA): The Research Progress of Novel
Genes of Disease Control of Vegetables, Fruits and Corn (Temporary)

La, Yong-Joon., (College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Seoul
National University, Korea): Use of high-density latex agglutination
test for detection of plant viruses

Tien Po (Institute of Microbiology, CAS): Plant Virus Satellite RNA and
its roles in Plant Virus Disease Control (Temporary)
Tang Jiliang (Guanxi Agricultural University): The Pathogenesis of
Bacterial Plant Pathogens
Fang Rongxiang (Institute of Microbiology, CAS): Molecular Aspects of
Rice Virus

The plenary lectures may be changed in case.

The scientific program may include some work groups as following:
W01: Mechanisms of Disease Resistance, Plant-Pathogen Interaction and
Molecular Aspects of Pathogenesis
W02: Structure and Expression of Virus Genome, and Novel Approaches to
Diagnosis and Detection of Pathogens and Diseases
W03: Biotechnology of Plant Diseases, Transgenic Plants


The symposium will be held at International Exchange Center of Zhejiang
Agricultural University in the campus, individuals who can not register
for symposium before October 20, 1997, can registrant at the opening
session. The campus of ZAU is near to the famous sightseeing scenic spot
Westlake, it is less than 20 minuets bus way to it. 

The 100 USD registration fee for foreigner and 500 RMB for Chinese is
required. The accommodation includes food is approximately 40 $ per day.
Graduate students pay half of the cost. 


Space is available for posters. Researchers with new results and data in
the areas relevant to plant pathology and biotechnology are encouraged
to submit abstracts for poster display to ensure the broadest possible
coverage and exchange of recent advances. Please notice the deadline for
the submission of the abstract is Aug. 15, 1997. One page abstract
should be written in English, typed in single spaced using 10-12
characters per inch, side margined of 1 1/4 inches (3 cm) and printed in
a size of A4 in duplicates. Please mail them with a copy of abstract as
a Microsoft Word for Windows 95 or Windows 3.X or Macintosh file on a
floppy diskette. Please be sure to indicate the authors and their
mailing addresses and e-mail addresses. The poster board will be 30 X 40
inches (about 75 cm X 95 cm) for each one. The title should be printed
with letters at least 1 inch (2.4 cm). The official invitation will be
forwarded on request.


Limited finacial support will be avaliable, all or part of accommodation
fee for limited authors might be exempted.

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