Research on amoebae

Dr E. Buxbaum EB15 at le.ac.uk
Fri Jun 27 07:32:58 EST 1997

"J.P.M.  Mulder" <tjiepie at worldonline.nl> wrote:

>Now I have a few questions:
>1]	Where (what kind of places) should I take samples to be (absolutly) sure
>to find amoebae? (First I have to be sure I can detect those little
>2]	What kind of agar plates do you use? Just a standard medium or something
>3]	What kind of bacteria do you use? E-coli?
>4]	How can I concentrate amoebae in a water sample? Centifugation? and if
>so:  at what speed? Or should I try filtering?
>5]	Is there some literature you can recommend?
>6]	Do you have answers or sugestions on questions I forgot to ask?

An easy source for amoebae is an aquarium. Just place a cover slip onto the 
surface of the water and let it float a couple of minutes. Then observe under 
the microscope (phase contrast makes this a lot easier). A hay infusion can 
be another good source of amoebae. 

They are a very nice object for observation in the class room. For example, 
you can stain some yeast with a vital stain like neutral red and then feed 
the amoebae with them. However, I have never tried to maintain them in culture.

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