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Larry Orr larry.orr at ASU.EDU
Fri Jun 27 16:54:47 EST 1997


Arizona State University has funded postdoctoral fellowships through an
interdisciplinary program, known as Project Ingenhousz, to enhance
long-term interdisciplinary research and education  in the rapidly
developing field of light-driven biological and chemical processes and to
promote the application of this knowledge to problems in science and
engineering.  Further information on the hiring of senior faculty and
postdoctoral fellows is available in Environmental Science and Technology
(June 1997, pg. 289A), Nature (May 22, 1997 pg. 25) and Science (June 6,
1997 pg. 1599).

This communication is to specifically solicit applications for one of these
postdoctoral fellowships.  The successful candidate will work on an
interdisciplinary research project to design and test a bio-reactor that
will house photosynthetic organisms for bioremediation purposes.  The goal
of the project is to utilize photosynthetic microorganisms to purify
inorganic and organic contaminants from a continuous flow-stream of water.
Applicants should be self-motivated and express an open interest in the
broad topics of photosynthesis and environmental engineering. There is
considerable room in this project for personal research creativity and
development as an interdisciplinary researcher. The postdoctoral fellow
will work closely with Dr. Paul Westerhoff (Department of Civil and
Environmental Engineering) and Dr. Wim Vermaas (Department of Botany), as
well as a team of ten support faculty from various departments at ASU.

Experience in either biological engineering, environmental engineering,
genetic engineering, microbiology, or in related basic and applied sciences
is desirable.  The start date is open, but a start by October 1, 1997 is
preferred. The postdoctoral position initially is available for 12 to 18
months, and a competitive salary will be offered.  The candidate should
hold a Ph.D. in engineering or science by the anticipated start-date.
Screening of applicants will begin July 1, 1997 and continue until the
position is filled.

For further information, please contact Dr. Paul Westerhoff (phone:
602-965-2885; email WESTERHO at ENPOP1.EAS.ASU.EDU) or Dr. Wim Vermaas
(602-965-3698; WIM at ASU.EDU).  Candidates should submit a cover letter
expressing interest in the position and summarizing potential personal
contributions, followed by a curriculum vitae.  Candidates should arrange
for three letters of reference.  Applications and letters of reference
should be sent to Patrick J. Burkhart, Office of the Senior Vice President
and Provost, Arizona State University, Box 873403, Tempe, AZ  85287-3403.
ASU is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer.

Paul Westerhoff
Assistant Professor
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Arizona State University
Box 875306; Rm ECG 252
Tempe, AZ  85287-5306
Phone: 602-965-2885
Fax: 602-965-0557
Fax: 602-965-0557
e-mail: westerho at enpop1.eas.asu.edu

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