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Ti Ng tnig at BIGFOOT.COM
Mon Jun 30 10:59:10 EST 1997


SAVE & EARN MONEY with FreedomStarr Communications Inc. (FCI):

Enjoy the LOWEST RATES in the nation with the 5th largest fiber optik
network in the USA and SEE YOUR PHONE BILL ON THE WEB!

Get your OWN FREE Money-Making Web Page.

Details at: http://freedomstarr.com/?SA3610301
FCI offers a flat rate 9.9 cent per minute rate for 1+ long distance AND 
800 usage, and bills its customers in 6 second increments, instead of
full minute increments like the big carriers do.  This results in
savings to consumers of an additional 10%-25%, depending on the types of
calls  placed.

FCI has also finished completing a "web page billing" system which 
is a great benefit to the consumer, as they are able to see the actual 
calls they place on a DAILY basis, as well as their cost for those
When in place, FCI will be the ONLY long distance company in the 
nation offering this unique service.

The Wall Street Journal, as well as the FOX New Channel, have recently
featured FCI and their unique approach to the long distance market.  FCI
is a truly revolutionary company, and has been gaining acclaim across
the nation and particularly on the internet.  

As a reseller, FCI has the right to work with other carriers if they are
presented with better rates for their customers.  FCI has recently
chosen to work with ITL (International Telecom Ltd) for its superior
international calling rates, such as the following flat rates per
minute (US origination):

UK              .185
Russia          .670
France          .280
Greece          .475
Israel          .690
Japan           .360 (This is NOT a typo!)
China           .810

For more information on FCI and how you can even earn a great residual
income by promoting their service like I do, you may visit my FCI web
page at:


You will have the opportunity to sign up for service online, and get a
free web page to promote the service, with an opportunity to earn up to
5% residual commissions on other people's usage.  There is no "sign up"
or "agent" fee to participate in the program.

I hope this note finds you and yours in good health.  

Ti Ng
FCI Independent Representative

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