Biological Transmutase/Cold fusion

John Cherwonogrodzky jcherwon at dres.dnd.ca
Fri Oct 3 09:04:47 EST 1997

Dear Knudsen:
     I don't know enough about the biological systems you noted, but there are 
     The first is that for crabs, the fact that they do store calcium 
carbonate in their hepato-pancreas indicates they can't synthesize it. If they 
don't have enough calcium, so what? Their soft shells may be mostly proteins 
that bind the required calcium later on. The fact that sea water contains only 
a trace amount of calcium is irrelevant. many compounds and metallo-proteins 
have phenomenal binding constants that can bind what they need no matter how 
dilute. All that is needed is a good current to bring in fresh supplies of 
trace calcium.
     With regards to chickens, if they're not supplied enough calcium, I've 
been told that they deplete this from their bones and produce thin shelled 
eggs.  They may deplete their calcium and get by with potassium, I don't know, 
but that doesn't mean they are transmuting the elements.

     As for cold fusion, it's another topic but has me wondering. I don't know 
if it does or doesn't exist however I recall reading a Nature article that 
showed that a bubble in water can focus light or sound waves to the point that 
a blue light is released. The temperature at the foci was several millions of 
degrees which is several times hotter than the sun and I think hot 
enough to do fusion. 
     Take care...John

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