history of microbiology and biotechnology

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Karl Roberts wrote:
> Dear Tobias,
> You might check the internet site HTTP://www.HMSBEAGLE.COM potential
> links to the information you seek.  I hope this helps.
> Kark J. Roberts, Ph.D.
>  On Fri,
> 3 Oct 1997, Tobias Maier wrote:
> > Where can I get a good historical overview of the the history of
> >
> > microbial biotechnology (mainly this century)?
> >
> > I am grateful for any links to literature or other information.
> >
> > Thanks
> >
> > Tobias
> >
> >
> >
> >I have found the mail order discount book sellers, such as Barnes and 
Noble, useful.  Some volumes I have acquired in this manner include; 
"Fighting Infection, Conquests of the Twentieth Century" by Harry 
Dowling, Harvard University Press. 1977., "The History of Bacteriology" 
by William Bulloch, Dover Publications. 1938., "Civilization and Disease" 
by Henry Sigerist, University of Chicago Press. 1943. and "The Malaria 
Capers, Tales of Parasites and People" by Robert Desowitz, WW Norton, 
1991.  Another source I have found very useful for books on the history 
of microbiology are used book stores.  I have found several older but 
excellent volumes in this way, such as Zinnser's "Rats Lice and History", 
Theodor Rosebury's "Microbes and Morals" and the "Plague Killers" by 
Greer Williams.  Hope this helps.

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