Chlamydia #

kevin-ault at uiowa.edu kevin-ault at uiowa.edu
Sat Oct 4 13:33:35 EST 1997

Much of what you purpose is unknown as far as pathogenesis.  The
contribution of Th1 or Th2 responses to the pathogenesis or protective
responses to Chlamydia are debatable.  If you get Infection and
Immunity, you will find many articles over the past two or three years
that come to different conclusions.

Antibodies to Chlamydia have traditionally indicated prior infection
and it is likely that there is cross reaction between C. pneumoniae
and C. trachomatis.  PCR/LCR tests are the best tests currently
available.  See the review article by Dr. Carolyn Black from earlier
this year.  I believe it appeared in Clin Micro Reviews.  

-  Kevin Ault, MD   University of Iowa 

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