Odor Control??

martian mars2 at aol.com
Fri Oct 3 21:37:07 EST 1997

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busymomrn at aol.com (BusyMomRN) wrote:

> I am the director of a pet products quality assurance laboratory.  Often
> the odors produced by our autoclave and incubators can be overpowering. 
> Can anyone please tell me how
> you control odors in your laboratories?
>         We’ve tried nearly everything available, and these cover ups and
> perfumes just don’t  do the job for us.
>         Any assistance will be appreciated.   Thanks
> Carol

just an idea......when I ran a central services facility in a large lab, it
seemed that the best way to control the odors is to provide adequate
venting. An exhaust fan that could be turned on periodically to remove

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