polA mutant strain?

Daniel.Marc marc at tours.inra.fr
Fri Oct 3 02:39:14 EST 1997

Jon Millman (millmanj at fhs.csu.McMaster.CA) wrote:
: I'm looking for a polA mutant strain of E. coli to perform a gene 
: knockout, and would appreciate any assistance in finding such a strain.  
: I've looked in the ATCC catalogue, but without any cross-reference for 
: genotypes it would take forever to look through all the strains.

In a paper by Blomfield et al. (Molecular Microbiology-1991-, vol 5, pp 1447-1457,)
they use "AAEC032, a derivative of MG1655 that contains the temperature-sensitive polA12
mutation linked to transposon Tn10".
You may find what you are looking for in that paper or in the references cited.

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