Journalist seeks info on CJD research

Joseph Bindloss Joseph.Bindloss at btinternet.com
Sun Oct 5 19:07:08 EST 1997

	I'm a journalist looking for accurate information on the new CJD
strain. Most significantly I'm trying to find out whether the new strain
of CJD prion has closer homology to either the old strain of CJD or the
BSE prion. I trained as a microbiologist before turning to journalism
and I'm interested in writing a scientifically informed piece on the CJD
variant, particularly in the light of the proposed enquiry. I'd like to
talk to anyone working in the field in the UK and abroad. I can be
reached at Joseph.Bindloss at btinternet.com and 01206 866008. Any
assistance would be really helpful. Thanks.

Joe Bindloss

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