Vodka kills germs?

Jim Rogers rogersj at nmripo.nmri.nnmc.navy.mil
Tue Oct 7 11:59:44 EST 1997

loner <atgc at geocities.com> wrote in article
<34351C1B.884457D1 at geocities.com>...
> I remember a scene in the mini series 'The Burning Zone' that there was
> an outbreak on the plane. Doctors on the plane use Vodka to sterile
> their hands. Is it possible? What is the lowest possible concentration
> of ethanol that can use to kill pathogenic microorganisms?

I had a fellow student who was moth pippetting and swallowed some of a
Salmonella culture.  Rather than tell him she went home and promptly got
sick.  Her advisor, who kept vodka in his drawer (just for these
occations?) said that if she had told him, he would have given her a shot
and she would have been OK.  So this professor thought that there was
enough alcohol in vodka to do the trick.

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