If you're interested in E.O. Wilson please read the following =-)

Saturn milena.placentile at utoronto.ca
Tue Oct 7 21:26:56 EST 1997


I recently bought a book as a text for one of my classes - Edward
Wilson's The Diversity of Life.  The only thing is, I didn't realize
there was a less expensive version of the book I ended up with.
Instead of getting the $19.00 paperback, I wound up with the $68.95
(that's according to the back of the book $49.99 US) commerative
edition complete with 65 minute VHS tape and autograph.

Its brand new - I haven't read it and the tape hasn't come anywhere
near to a VCR - the only thing that renders it "used" is that the
plastic shrink wrap is missing.

I'm not a natural sciences major and so I'm not estatic about having
such an elaborate version of the book.  And, since I'm a student my
only concern is to save some money.  I made the mistake to purchase it
and now all I can do is hope to sell it.

I'm asking $40.00 (Cdn) + postage  O.B.O.  I would like to get a
decent portion of what I paid back.  Again, the book is in perfect
condition (though the package's exterior casing is imperfect due to
what I would call shoddy manufacturing)  Its still an amazing deal!

If anyone is interested, please e-mail me at
milena.placentile at utoronto.ca

Remember -- its autographed AND since he did win two pulitzer prizes
I'm sure it may be a collectors item someday soon.

Milena =-)

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