Nalidixic acid

Yersinia yersinia at CYBERNEX.NET
Wed Oct 8 18:03:04 EST 1997

Bengi writes,

(1)<Nalidixic acid inhibits DNA gyrase.  Why will this inhibit DNA 
replication?> When a DNA molecule replicates, the helix is partially 
"unzipped" to create a replication fork, in which the complimentary 
strand is synthesized. However, this unwinding at one part of the helix 
creates molecular tensions which must be reduced. DNA gyrase is one of a 
class of enzymes (topoisomerases) which does this.

(2) Rifampicin inhibits RNA polymerase.  Why will this stop protein 
synthesis?  Will nalisixic acid inhibit protein synthesis?> (DNA 
dependent) RNA polymerase is needed for transcription (to synthesize 
mRNA). If there is no transcription, there is no translation ( i.e., 
protein synthesis), either. I don't know if nalidixic acid inhibits RNA 
polymerase or any other steps of protein synthesis, though.  Sorry.

< THanks for any help you can offer!> I hope I did.


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