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> > I have been trying to figure out what a preson has got for a project. 
> > All I have been given is incrediably genral information.  
> > 1.  Patient has the condition three months ago, and is currently having
> > a relapse.  
> > 2.  Patient is currently on bedrest.  
> > 3.  Patient took a narcotic last time she had the condition.  
> > 
> > This was all I was given.  I am to try to come up with a theory on the
> > condition.  Any help would be appreciated.

> Well, you might as well just pick anything from a hangnail on up.  If
> that's all the info you have, abandon all hope.

When was the last time your doctor put you to bed and gave
you narcotics for a hangnail?

The relapse info suggests it probably doesn't result from a
surgical procedure.  The narcotic Rx indicates something
with accute pain, but not headache or heart pains or some
sort of inflammatory process.  That narrows it down to some
sort of muscle, joint, or bone injury.  Most such injuries require
off-loading the affected area, but most fractures or sprains or
torn ligaments don't require the patient to take to the bed.  One
common exception would be a back injury or degenerative damage
to the spine.  A broken back probably wouldn't relapse, so my 
best guess would be some sort of dislocation of the spine or
a disc problem.

I'm no doctor, but that would be my best analysis of the Dx.


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