William Egon Lippert lippertw at gusun.georgetown.edu
Thu Oct 9 10:02:43 EST 1997

 I am a graduate student at Georgetown University studying National
Security Studies.  I am doing a paper for
Dr. Andrew Krepinivich's class "Strategic and Net Assessment" about the
"biological revolution".  Today, the world is
preoccupied with the "information revolution" and there have been many
defining revolutions in the past such as the industrial
revolution and the agricultural revolution.  But the "biological
revolution" has been less discussed and understood.  Can you help
me by answering the following questions?

Have you ever heard of this revolution?  How would you define it?
What are some of the advances we may see in the biological revolution?
What do you think will be its affects on society, economies, and
Do you think it can change the world balance of power or the military
Are there any changes we may see on the battlefield of 2025 because of
the biological revolution?
Are there any other areas/issues I should explore relevant to my topic?
Are there any other people you would recommend I
speak to?

Thank you for your time.  Since we are just at the beginning of this new
era, I look forward to seeing it develop and bear its

Please e-mail me personally if you can.

Bill Lippert

William Egon Lippert
lippertw at gusun.georgetown.edu

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